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Signal Electrician/Technician Training:  HRD provide a 13 module training program for apprentices and qualified electricians to receive a Certificate IV in rail signalling. Entrants have a choice of either the Victorian Certificate IV in Rail and Tram Signal Systems qualification, or the units from the Certificate IV in Rail Signalling. The program can be delivered over 2 years for qualifeid electricians, or over the 4 year term of apprenticeship. Apprentices must complete Yr1 electrical prior to undertaking rail signal training. Applicants must complete the Cert III Electrician at TAFE to receive a Certificate IV in rail signalling. The program suits both installers and maintainers.

Tester Training:  HRD provide Test Assistant and Tester training to a number of companies. We've transformed the traditional Testing & Commissioning standards from a theory based session into a practical experience. Participants are given opportunity to test multi-core signal cables, inspect equipment locations, use Test Plans, testing tools and practice testing methods.

Diploma of Rail Signalling Training: HRD provide professional development for (signal electricians) Signal Maintenance Technicians qualifying for the position of S&C Officer In Charge. Participants are provided with 12 qualifying (entrance) and 12 diploma examinations.  Short course professional development is also provided for the testing and commissioning of: rail signal equipment; relay interlocking; and computer based interlocking upgrades. The professional development is supported by in field research assignments. Diploma of Rail Signal Systems training also includes diploma level electronic systems studies, front line management and training in the fault diagnostic and fault recovery relating to integrated signal systems equipment.

Graduate Signal Engineer Training: The Department of Transport provided the initial professional development program for graduate signalling engineers. HRD has since delivered 3 rail signal systems  training programs to fast track the graduates signalling systems knowledge. The training program was delivered prior to the graduate attending the CQU Rail Signal program. This program has received significant results as all graduates have continued in the CQU program, with no drop outs.

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